Friday, December 31, 2010

Champagne blackouts for all!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Holiday Review

Holy balls – er, Christmas balls, that is. Shiny ones. Ornaments, you sick twisted bitches. Holiday cheer, indeed…

2010 has been the first “official” holiday season for Lad Named Felix. True, the Lad was around in 2009, but he was still in the beginning stages of this glittery and time-sucking game. I won’t lie to any of you…it’s been a journey just keeping up. Handmade Markets in October and November were wildly successful, and, more importantly, illustrated in the most vivid colors imaginable just how much WORK is involved in owning and designing a successful jewelry line. Those shows made my pockets overflow with $20’s, added more than 100 fans to the Facebook page, allowed me to meet some fabulous colleagues , and resulted in a ton of commissions…so understand I’m not complaining Just reflecting. I realize now I shot myself in the foot by “slowing down” after the second HMM and “enjoying” a little “time off”. While I “drank red wine by myself and cry-sang all the lyrics to Next to Normal” (I did some laundry, too, but that shit’s boring), LNF’s Etsy shop sat semi-empty. The virtual shelves were there, and they were sparse. I never actually unpacked my show mess – it still sits half-spilled on the floor of my loft.

Before I knew what happened, the holiday season hit me like a snowball full of rocks upside the back of my head. A dozen pieces were donated to various charities and giveaways. Thanksgiving slid up behind me, all lubed up with pancetta-sage gravy. Work at the day job exploded in my face (I work in wine, and you don’t want to know the fourth-quarter holiday fuckery here). Holiday shopping began, and so did all the comfy and drunken dinners and parties at various friends’ homes. Pieces kept selling, and I kept promising myself I’d get back up to work in the infernal disaster that is currently the studio portion of my Chicago loft. I created a few pieces in that time, true, but kept running out of time to photograph them. Then the commissions started - the beautiful, lucrative commissions. While I worked on those, the charity/giveaway pieces had to be shipped; same for the pieces that kept selling at Etsy. I single-handedly keep the post office in business (you’re welcome, you slow, idiot fuckers). Now, it’s a week or so until Christmas, and because I’ve left my DSLR at a friend’s home after a scary baby shower, I’m dead in the water (at least until it gets returned).

All things considered, LNF 2010 has been…mad crazy successful. Next year, we kick it into high gear by finding a designer to create an official website (goodbye, Etsy, you filthy skank), and possibly moving into a private studio devoted solely to this endeavour. I’m proud and humbled by how great 2010 has been in regards to this funny little dream I have, and I have my fans to thank. Your support makes this possible. Without it, I’m just some queen stringing beads, drunk, belting out showtunes and wearing my pieces around the house. You people rock. Thank you.

Here’s to 2010!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


The folks over at Banana Republic have been ripping me off for a long, long time. Their chunky, multi-media **mass produced** jewelry comes dangerously close to replications of the pieces I've been creating since LNF began. The fact that I hate Banana Republic just exacerbates the injury. Here's hoping they choke on their $200 cashmere sweater wraps, the yuppie scum.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Nomi, I Love Your Nails

Has it really been almost a month since I've posted here? Holy balls. Sorry about that, guys - the holidays are a huge time and energy suck. Let this piece herald my return.

Don't let this girl walk behind you when you're walking down a flight of stairs. The piece starts with a long strand of Italian marble cubes, sweeping below a rope of gorgeous and glittering smokey quartz chips. A polished few dozen black soapstone beads bring some clarity to the situation, while silver-plated oval link cross chain twists and binds everything together. A length of gunmetal chain, all perfect circles, adds some modernity and edge. Eyes will stop on the hand-wrapped silver wire sphere, positioned mischieviously at the top left portion of the necklace. Length is adjustable by way of a sturdy silver lobster claw clasp that fits comfortable over the supporting lengths of silver cross chain, so wear it long or close to the throat.

Like all Lad Named Felix™ pieces, this comes "signed" with LNF's hand-stamped sterling silver tag, ensuring your one-of-a-kind piece is an authentic LNF creation!

Italian marble cubes
Smokey quartz chips
Black soapstone round beads
Silver-plated oval link cross chain
Gunmetal circle chain
Hand-wrapped silver wire sphere
Silver lobster claw clasp
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