Monday, January 31, 2011

300 Fans and Counting GIVEAWAY

We started 2011 with 228 Facebook fans, and within 31 days - with the irreplaceable support of the fans - we've reached 300! In LNF-land (a magical, glittery, topsy-turvy place where unicorns run free, hats go on your feet, and hamburgers eat people) that means FREE SHIT.

This Is How We Break It Down.

Caption the picture below* using the "comment" feature on either the blog or the Facebook page, sending me a message, or leaving it on LNF's wall. Make it mocking or mushy, filthy or fabulous, but make it good. You can enter up to 3 times. Contest ends Monday, February 7th, so hurry!

3 winners. I pick my favorite, and the other two will be randomly chosen at

1st Place: Something amazing.
2nd Place: Something awesome.
3rd Place: Something astounding

It could be this. Or this. Maybe...this? Guess you'll have to caption your ass off and see (or, you know, just check back here in a few days to see if I've decided what the prizes will be). This will be my most lavish giveaway prizes to date, and you know LNF does lavish well.

Ready? Set? GO.

*photo copyright Mariel Clayton. She fucking rules.


  1. "That'll be the last time Ken forgets to feed Ginger" Barb said as she waited for the finger-licking-good stew to come to a slow simmer. "Now to tidy up before Midge and the girls stop by for manis and pedis!"

  2. "I TOLD him to stop leaving the toilet seat up!"

  3. Barbie Grumbles as she cleans up yet another of Ken's messes. "Go meatless on me, will he? Hmmm, too bad Milton Berle isn't around anymore. Guess I will have to get with Jonah Falcon somehow."

  4. "I won't ever get ahead in life, you festering cock blister?" Barbie yelled at Ken's dismembered corpse. "Well, I certainly got yours...didn't I?" She murmured, taking a sidelong glance into the freezer as she scrubbed the last of his blood from the floor. Thinking the better of making a "headcheese" pun, she cooly put on her sunglasses and walked out the door, making a mental note that she really ought to get around to buying that crock pot.

  5. Haha, My husband just said this. "Jeffreen Dahmer caught in the act." EW!

  6. So im gunna put mine in caption order lol

    1.)Looks like Ken forgot Barbie's birthday...barbie gets what barbie wants >.<

    2.)Result in barbie's "time of the month"

    3.)Damn! Barbie is quite the freak,am i right....Handcuffs barbie really?

  7. Barbie was so excited to feature in an ad directed by John Waters. It didn't phase her one iota that he demanded realism from his actors as Barbie fully believed in method acting. Ken on the other hand, thought playing the part of John Belushi would make him lose his mind.

  8. "Damn this is some bitchin' floor cleaner!"

  9. "If I've told him once, I've told him a THOUSAND more WIRE HANGERS EVER!"

  10. i love to clean ken's messes

  11. I know the contest is over. I just found your blog today. I just wanted to leave a caption. I can't resist.

    "From the creative mind of Jerry Bruckheimer. The newest show this season. It is bound to be a hit. CSI: Barbie Land."


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