Thursday, September 30, 2010

Calm Down Bishes!

A lot of you have been asking why there haven't been any new items listed in the past week or so. The answer is: photography takes a long time. I've actually created four new pieces, three necklaces and a cuff, but with the show inching ever forward, I just run out of hours (and a bitch needs 10 hours of beauty sleep a night so he can maintain that sexy skin!). What's left to prepare for the show?

Finish new pieces
Finalize the display
Buy light bulbs
Buy tablecloth
Create signage and marketing materials
Put tags on all pieces
Get a receipt pad

...there's more, I'm sure, but thinking about all that work is dulling my skin. NOT HAVING IT! There will be new pieces to drool over soon, I promise. Stay with me, kids. We're about to reach a whole new level.

Everyone, Bring Your Barbies!

I refuse to be Ken and have to drive that goddamn pink RV! The high heels and halters never fit that bitch! Below is an exhaustive list of the other artists and artisans showcasing their creations alongside Lad Named Felix at Handmade Market Chicago, October 9th (that's 9 days away, hoors).

Auviana - handmade jewelry and accessories
Bead of a Different Drum - jewelry with sterling silver, glass and semi-precious stones
Bean & The Sprout - vintage fabrics and jewelry to create headbands, necklaces, and cuffs
Bliss Stones - semi-precious stone necklaces; known to bring positive energy, good luck and bliss
Cordinated - handmade guitar cables
Damsel in this Dress - cool stuff for women who don't need to be rescued. purses, totes, messenger bags, and more.
Darquestone - baby play mats, pillows, bags, etc.
Deelights Biscuits - organic dog treats
Do Bats Eat Cats - one-of-a-kind gothic, chainmaille and Victorian inspired jewelry
Frosted Creations - ceramic drink coasters, fun aprons for women and kids, letterpress cards and tags, and soaps
Fugudesigns - jewelry
Greenie Bean Recycle - recycled tote bags
Jewelry by Jennifer - jewelry styles using natural stones, shell, coral, crystal, opal, and sterling silver findings and chain
Lad Named Felix - The sexiest bitch in the place (this text might differ from the text at Handmade Chicago's website)
Lost in the Maille - chainmaille, wire wrapped and some gemstone jewelry
LuDesigns - jewelry; natural materals such as gemstones, seashells, pearls
Milton and Margie's Soy Wax Candles - hand-poured, soy wax candles made in unique, reused/recycled jars
Mohawk Made - custom jewelry, hand designed and crafted from genuine stones, shells & sterling silver
Nerfect - original artwork, buttons, stickers, and t-shirts
Onlyn Pottery - pottery
Poetisa's Palette - soap, lotion, body butter, body scrubs, massage candles and lip balm
Previously - vintage reproduction women's accessories
Purpleandlime - accessories, jewelry, little pouches, and etc.
Ray Borchers - hand drawn, one of a kind T-shirts
Renescentia Designs - handcrafted creative bags and totes for the eccentric at heart
rj studio inc. - handmade jewelry, stationery, and accessories
Spinalfusion - jewelry
UnADORN - vintage inspired; sterling silver jewelry, flower hairclips and headbands
Urbex Archaeology - jewelry from recycled post-industrial found objects, mostly metals

Handmade Market Chicago, as you can see, offers so much variety and a plethora of points of view. I can't explain how excited I am to be counted amongst the exclusive ranks of these artists. I feel like we should all get decoder rings or something. The secret answer is "LNF Roolz the Skool!" Who'd have known!?

I'm hunkering down at Table 13, near the back left. You'll recognize my presence by the tasteful white displays and flattering lighting choices. A bitch can't look washed out, you know? Check out Handmade Market Chicago's website for the location details and a map. Leave a comment if you plan on being there - who may get you a discount. OH SNAP.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bubble and Squeak

I'm becoming dangerously obsessed with this Polyvore thing. It takes my weird fascination with playing with dolls and combines it with the unholy trinity of collage, fashion, and fantasy. I need to close the window and focus on creating jewelry. And I will. In a sec.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Do You Polyvore?

You should. Check out this sizzling ensemble, courtesy of my oldest friend in the world, Katie_Did (aka Dolly Discotits).

Friday, September 24, 2010

Another Strand in the Web...

Elineof, of The High North at Etsy, fabulously shared her thoughts on "imaginary shopping" in a recent blog post, including a mention of "Dusk in Wonderland". This piece sold a few hours ago, so maybe a little of that magic that Elineof was feeling spilled over (like a bucket of glitter!). Check our her blog and give her a shout!

“A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.” - Oscar Wilde

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ever Pleasured Yourself to the Periodic Table?

Someone once told me that to properly self-promote, one should not only talk about oneself. I agree (shit, I'm doing it again). Anyway, this has zero to do with jewelry design, but is wildly entertaining. Enjoy, you freaky-deaky fans!

Give 'Em the Old Razzle-Dazzle...

The only thing constant is change.

I’ve switched blog hosts. My sincerest apologies go out to, without who I would never have began this self-righteous and indulgent thing called “blogging” in the first place. We had some good times, and I’ll never forget them. It’s not you, it’s me. I need things.

I need the ability to add a “shopping cart” to my posts so I can save my fans the hassle of signing up for an Etsy account just to gratify their desire for new pieces. I need more control over my blog’s layout and features. I need a faster host. I need easy-to-use design tools and posting systems. I need orange lettering. The fact is, Wordpress didn’t allow for any of these things. I was stuck in a regimented “template” structure, couldn’t edit CSS without paying for it, and I was tired of it being down all the time for maintenance that never seemed to improve my user experience. There are those of you out there, stuck in the interweb, who insist that Wordpress's actual URL should be, but I don't see it. We're gonna give this a try, m'kay?

So, goodbye Wordpress. Hello Blogger. You’re shiny and new and you seem to like me more than I like you – all things I look for in a partner. Granted, it still seems absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to find a way to get you to use my fucking domain name properly, but I'm willing to look past that for the time being (seriously, wtf is wrong with you??).

Don’t fret, my compatriots. You can still access all the content from the other blog. Here's a link you can click that will whisk you away to the place you’re used to, to devour content at will. I’ll be leaving it all there for you. You’re welcome.

For now, though, let a new blog rise to power, and let us all cower in its glory. Welcome to the new Lad Named Felix.

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