Wednesday, November 10, 2010

No Regrets

The Regretsy-sponsored Holiday Regrets shop has been up for a bit over an hour, I've drank a bottle of cheap red wine, and one of my pieces has already sold! Lincoln Park Sellout is currently featured at the TOP of the shop, which of course made me moist in the pants, and I've watched views of my shop's items absolutely skyrocket. It's all too exciting. I need more wine.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Humans Helping Humans

I'm an advocate of people helping people in whatever ways are available to them. We all have something to give, and I'm lucky enough to have a treasure trove full of original jewelry with which to do what I please. It's one of the fun parts of being an independent designer.

Miss Mary Max, that tidal force behind the blog of the same name, asked for my assistance in driving donations to the Blogging For Sofia campaign, which you'll remember I contributed to in an earlier post. We schmoozed, we collabo-ed, we decided on a piece, and now it will go to one lucky person with a little to give to Sofia's treatment and a huge heart. Wanna win? Click here above for details.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Asphalt Rodeo

For the boldest among us, two large faceted raven black Chinese crystals (1" x .75") hang dangerously by sterling silver jump rings from two surgical steel earring hooks. There's sexiness in simplicity, and complexity to be found in the sleek.

Raven hand-cut Chinese crystals (2)
Sterling silver jump rings (2)
Sterling silver headpins (2)
Surgical steel earring hooks

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dew Me

Two 16mm brilliantly faceted silver hand-cut Chinese crystals are the definition of bling, spinning along a sterling silver headpin and each dangling from two sterling silver cross chains. Each is encircled by a flat 2" steel hoop, and the whole affair hangs from a surgical steel earring hook.

Silver Chinese crystal - 16mm (2)
Sterling silver headpins (2)
Sterling silver cross chain
Steel jump rings (2)
Steel flat hoops - 2" (2)
Surgical steel earring hooks

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm a Giver.

Lad Named Felix has donated three pieces to Regretsy's Holiday Regrets Shop (which will open November 8 at Etsy). All proceeds for the sales go to Regretsy's Alchemy fund, which hires artists to create items for various charities, and provides funds directly to artists in need. Below is a list of past recipients of funds from the Alchemy Fund:

The Hat Box Foundation
Donkey Rescue
Toys for Tots
Project Linus
Knitted Knockers
Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for the Cure
Elayne Boosler’s Tails of Joy
Friends of Walter
Housing Works Bookstore
The Sewing Machine Fund
The American Cancer Society Relay for Life
Tiny Airplanes
Winchester Lambourne
Bowerbird Soaps
Braking the Cycle: HIV/AIDS Services of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center
Rainbow Darkness Studios
Ronnie’s Tender Heart
Aid for Aidan

Clicky the linky if you'd like to contribute!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

And the winners are...

1st Place Winner - SARAHFINA MOORE! Sarahfina wins "Hermia", by Lad Named Felix!

‎2nd Place Winner - Mary Maxfield Brave! Mary wins a fabulous and shiny 25% off anything in LNF's Etsy Shop! Discount will be refunded at time of sale via PayPal!

3rd Place Winner - Sonnet Klipp! Sonnet wins a sparkly 15% anything in LNF's Etsy Shop! Discount will be refunded at time of sale via PayPal!

My thanks to all who entered! I had so much fun with this, and I have a feeling you all did, too. My love for my fans is epic.

Monday, November 1, 2010

I haiku, do you?

Many thanks to all the Lad's fans, who've submitted these haikus as entries in LNF's Haiku Contest, commemorating a milestone 200 Facebook fans! As I can't find a suitable "voting" application, I'll be randomly choosing three winners from a fur-lined aviator cap (cause I'm sexy like that). Winners will be announced later today (and your haikus will all probably be stolen shamelessly for my own devious purposes)!

drape yourself in art
eyes are drawn to gems unique
no clothing needed

Inspired of whimsy
Personality abounds.
You KNOW who you are!

You'd best respect this
Fierceness unprecedented
Alchemy unleashed.

Little Bitch Monkey
Shiny baubles and glass balls
crate wonderment

colorful, shiny,
blasting in your fucking face
Lad is that intense.

Back off my sparkles-
Cuz you can't handle the Lad!
You wish you were me!

I'm suffering from
Glamour Asphyxiation
A fab way to go

Yellows, oranges,
Reds, and sultry browns— the hue
of death in bloom.

Lad, you rock my world
with your crazy F' in pearls
just one strand won't do

Drips with elegance
Touched by divine wicked style
Bravo Lad Named Felix

hey, lad named felix
love your fancy pants style
make me spend money...

Beautiful dazzle
your designs one of a kind
you rock my socks lad

Those beautiful beads
Never seen on Regretsy
Too classy for that

pearls, the gem of queens
show me yours, i'll show you mine
I'll love you long time

Where did you get that?
Its one of a kind, thank you.
Lad Named Felix, Hoor.

Raging with glamour
Like a disco hurricane
Clearly it's the Lad. :)

Shimmer, whisper, gleam . . .
Am I hallucinating?
No! That was the Lad.

Designer Jewlery
Supporting Local Artists
Fabulous Felix =)

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