Thursday, March 24, 2011

Evolve with Me, Won't You?

With time and careful consideration (as well as innumerable cigarettes and boxes bottles of wine), its time to take LNF to another level, and make my amazing fans a living part of the line. You've all been a part of an amazing evolution in my dream, and I want to reward your loyalty in spades.

Enter: Lad Rag.

If you'd like to be in on this extremely exciting new horizon, just hit "Subscribe" on the top navigation bar of the blog and enter your email address. If you're a fan of LNF, and want exclusive access to all the amazing things planned for the future of LNF, believe me: you'll want to subscribe. And guess what? It's free. FREE. I promise you won't be sorry. Click the button, pop the spigot on that Franzia, and watch your inbox. It's a new day.


  1. Yes! I am crazy excited for you and to see what you come up with. You rock!

  2. Just did it! :) Love your stuff!

  3. Very cool :)
    Looking forward to more!!!!
    Have a great day


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