Saturday, October 2, 2010

And the Snake Said Nom

So. Much. Mad. Decadence. This piece begins with an antique strand of champagne glass pearls, with the strand's original knotting. Woven around it is a vintage rhinestone opera necklace, with all original square-cut crystals. Bronze circle chain, silver ribbed cross chain, gold-plated ribbed cross chain, and silver figaro chain swirl and eddy, encircling the piece's entire length. Vintage curio beads, each distinct and unique, dangle randomly from the bottom of the piece, for that touch of madness. The necklace clasps at the outer left edge of the collection of strands with a vintage brass closure set along multiple lengths of gold plated and bronze chains. This necklace demands much of its wearer...consider yourself warned.

Antique glass champagne pearls
Vintage rhinestone opera necklace
Bronze figaro chain
Bronze cross chain
Bronze circle chain
Silver ribbed cross chain
Silver cross chain
Gold-plated ribbed cross chain
Gold-plated figaro chain
Vintage bugle beads, round beads, glass pearls
Vintage brass closure

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