Friday, February 4, 2011

30 DoP #21 - "Precise"

Navigating this snow planet sans tauntaun has caused many delays in my normal day to day activities, 30 Days of Play included. I'll admit it: cowering under blankets with a maybe-too-full glass of sherry has been preferable of late to ascending to my loft studio and freezing while squeezing out a blog entry. I'll finish this project, I promise.

Today: onto a new entry. Cara at Death Glam's work is sensational in its intricacy and composition. This is an artist who seriously understands feathers (a medium known for its fussiness and lack of precision). Her sprays of avian plumage are both delicate and aggressive - a quality I clearly appreciate. Perhaps the most striking features of her work are the technicolor animal skulls that perch, sinister, on her collection of hats and fascinators. Don't call PETA yet, and not just because PETA is a bunch of maniacal and seriously deluded radicals. Her skulls are sourced ethically, from farmers and taxidermists who collect these precious components from animals that have dies quite naturally (read: animals are not killed purposely to harvest their bones). Clients can rest assured that these pieces, though sometimes shocking, are always created with utmost care and ethics in place.

Cara is also a prolific stylist who does what can only be described as provocative, inspired, and gorgeous work. In the near future, you'll be delighted to see some Lad Named Felix originals gracing the necks of her models. I crave collaboration with artists of Cara's caliber, as combining our work will surely heighten and magnify both our creations. In short: she rocks, and you should be aware of her work.

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