Monday, January 17, 2011

30 DoP #12 - "Liquid"

I realized this morning that I missed a day in 30 Days of Play. SCANDAL. I guess I was too busy yesterday laying on my couch fearing the impending work week that blogging totes escaped my attention. My apologies to anyone who sat at their screen, fervently striking F5 over and over again and being rewarded with nothing but my stony e-silence.

Anyway, back to the festivities! Today's word is "liquid", defined as "neither gaseous nor solid" as well as "graceful, smooth, unconstricted". I humbly apply these criteria to this gorgeous vase/bowl. Yeah, yeah, I know - this is the second vase-like object I've featured in a consecutive post. I couldn't help it. My striving to seek out Etsy items that exists outside the box insists a little originality, and I found it here. Glass always enamors me - it's a material that totally confuses and scares me. The idea of me finding enough bravery to shape something so elegant and mysterious out of FUCKING MOLTEN HOT ROCK makes me giggle. I don't even like working with resin. Liquidity is too...unpredictable. I can't maintain an iron grip of control over it like I can with the materials I traditionally use in my work. I suppose that contributes to my fascination. This piece is so organic and hauntingly beautiful - I can't get enough of the lip of the thing...liquid dripping skyward. The colors and pattern just increase my childish fixation. Absolutely unique.

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