Thursday, January 27, 2011

30 DoP #18 - "I Love..."

Card Wallet - The Mondo

In the Time Before, I never had my insurance card; in the Time Before, my cash and business cards were hopelessly forgotten at home when I rushed out in a hurry. Each credit and debit card had a sensuous curve that matched perfectly the contour of my ass. I had nowhere to stash important fortune cookie slips. It all changed at Handmade Market (and I ascended into the Time After).

My table had the fortune of being placed next to Beth at Besu's table, and after a few hours of bloody marys with PBR chasers eyeballing her stock, I couldn't control myself anymore, and I purchased the very wallet pictured above.

Let's talk about me and wallets. I don't want my ass to look as if there's a tumor in the right cheek of which I am not yet aware. This rules out traditional leather wallets. Also, they're heavy and smelly and I lose stuff in the little pockets. I always knew I could do better, and my frustrated waiting (the Time Before) paid off.

First of all, it was a S-T-E-A-L at $6 (c'mon kids - handstitching complicated, folded pieces of fabric like this is not an easy or even fun task), and, hello, I'm a sucker for houndstooth. I carry this lovely everyday in the right rear pocket of my pants. It's thin, but fits all my credit cards/Lego VIP card (muy importante), unsolicited twink phone numbers cash, business cards, debit card, insurance cards, ID, and whatever else I want to shove into it and forget about. Like bar receipts. I don't really need to see how much a round of drinks costs me, because I'm ugly when I cry. When my Besu gets dirty, I handwash it, allow it to airdry and it bounces right back into perfect shape. The cotton is uber-flexible, which is important, cause you know my jeans need to be tight across 'dat ass.

I love Besu's work, and I know you will too. I've included a few more choice items below for your perusal. Happy shopping, hoors!

Card Wallet - Garden Gnomes Ruffle Clutch - Red Pop Dot Card Wallet - I Love My Bike

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